Raxiom Sequential tail light Harness (2005-2009)

By: Steeda


    • Cool Retro Styling
    • Exceptional Electronics
    • Easy, Plug-In Installation
    • Fits all 2005-2009 Mustangs
    • Note: These Sequential Tail Lights will not work with aftermarket LED replacement taillights.
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Retro Styling. Finish off the classic retro styling of your S197 Mustang with a set of Raxiom sequential taillights. Sequential taillights were used on the Shelby Mustangs from 1968 to 1970 and now you can have them for your modern pony from Raxiom.

Sequential. When activated, the turn signals or hazard lights will sequence from the center light out and repeat until switched off. When the brakes are applied, the tail lights will sequence once and then stay lit during braking.

Modern Electronics. The Raxiom Sequential Tail Lights Kit is assembled from state of the art electronic components with a simple plug-in connector that easily insert into the stock wiring harness. This kit includes two inline unit harnesses, one for each side, that replace your factory harness.

Easy Installation. The Raxiom Mustang Sequential Tail Lights Kit is a direct plug-in replacement for the factory wiring harness. Simply unplug the stock harness and plug in the new sequential harness in it's place. It's that easy. Drivers and Passenger side included in the box.


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