By: VMP Tuning


    • Skill Level: Expert - It's not recommended that you attempt this installation unless you're an experienced Technician.

    • Tune Required - A custom tune file is required for use with this product.

    • Mustang 2011-2014 GT

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*Now includes ATI SFI approved balancer as part of the package*

The ultimate solution for making power with your supercharged 5.0L. We have engineered the only available 8-rib conversion and OD balancer solution for the VMP, Roush, and Whipple 2.3L supercharger kits that use the rear shiv or 1st belt shiv on the engine (closest to the block).

Our kit includes:
ATI balancer 918047N
VMP 8-rib overdrive pulley ring (5% or 15%) with 3 bolts and washers
low profile water pump pulley with rear lip removed for clearance (same diameter)
8-rib AC pulley, nickel plated, with shim kit
8-rib ribbed ""spider"" idler for tensioner with HD bearing
Wider smooth idler for tensioner with HD bearing
2x wider 75mm smooth idlers for upper FEAD bracket
Optional low profile accesory belt tensioner (required for 15% lower)
8-rib belt K080816 for 5% and K080825 for 15%
*SC pulley purchased seperately, 8-rib blower pulleys available in 82mm, 75mm, 69mm, and 63mm (VMP blower only)

Installation is as simple as swapping all the included pulleys. Grinding of the front cover must be very good, and in the case of the upper boss and ribs, flush. The AC clutch should be shimmed .015-.020"" of clearance, basically where you have to rock the cover back and forth for it to touch the face. There needs to be enough room for the face to get a running start when the magnet powers up and pulls it towards the AC pulley to engage the compressor. The ribbed spider idler is installed with the snap-ring facing out or visible. The 15% OD ring requires slight trimming of the lip on the oil pan for it to clear.

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