2008 Bullitt-Magnuson Supercharger Installation

February 15, 2011 has just finished installing and tuning a Magnuson supercharger package for the S197 Mustang. We're quite pleased with the performance of this package and thought we'd share the details of the build.

Richard, an active member of the Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association, like most customers, had a need for more power in his S197.

The project car is a stock 2008 Mustang Bullitt. If you aren't familiar with the Bullitt, there are a few variances in comparison to the GT model. The cold-air induction system is upgraded, it is only offered in a manual gearbox, and the rear end arrives with an aggressive 3.73:1 gear ratio. The car is only available in black or highland green and its subtle look is achieved without spoilers or scoops. The ride height is 6mm lower than the GT and the interior is upgraded with GT500 front buckets and 3 spoke steering wheel.

The purpose of this project was two-fold: Make horsepower, and create an under-hood esthetic effect. Richard participates in car shows and the odd grudge match at the drag strip so both "show" and "go" we're of high priority.

The Magnacharger was a great selection in this project because it allowed for the factory Bullitt cold air intake to be used. Other supercharger kits available on the market require 3rd party cold air intakes be used. This feature was convenient in preserving some of the exclusivities of the Bullitt model.

We found the Magnacharger kit to be well designed. The kit uses a supplied aluminum intake manifold, factory "push lock" style fuel system connectors, extruded aluminum fuel rails, and an efficient air to water intercooler system.

After completing the installation, Richard's Bullitt was dyno tuned by using SCT hardware and software to produce an impressive 440 RWHP!

There were no disappointments during this project and we strongly suggest you consider Magnacharger as a supercharging option for your Ford. Of course, look no further than to facilitate!