Our Facility offers high quality professional installation for all of the performance parts and accessories we sell. Our state of the art facility is equipped with the latest in diagnostic and repair equipment to ensure your vehicle performs at its best after being serviced.

The experienced staff and service technicians at realize your vehicle and the parts being installed are a large investment. Our staff will treat your vehicle with the same respect and attention to detail they show their own vehicles. Whether your vehicle is at for a complete overhaul or simply in for an oil change, it will always be returned to you in the same condition it arrived.




Customers visiting will enjoy our complimentary customer lounge. Have a beverage, connect to the internet with your laptop, watch satellite television, or read a magazine while we service your vehicle.



Dyno & Custom Tuning Services has been at the forefront of custom tuning for high performance vehicles since 2003. Utilizing our in house Mustang Dyno 1750SE (Single Eddy Current), with load control, we have the ability to simulate real world conditions without ever leaving the shop.

Custom tuning is available for Mustangs, and other Ford vehicles equipped with SCT flash devices or chips.

Dyno Testing & Dyno Rental Services's chassis dyno is also open to any 2WD make and model vehicle for baseline pulls or owner led tuning sessions. Car clubs and other groups are welcome to contact us for more information on "Dyno-Day" events.