Revive your 2V GT with a TFS Top-End Kit!

May 25, 2011

Ford Motor Company's latest twin variable-cam cylinder head technology boasts nearly 1.5 HP per cubic inch of displacement. This compared with technology that produced less than 1 HP per cubic inch only 10 years ago.

Rob loves his 2001 Mustang GT. He prefers this generation of Mustang's styling versus some of the newer models and it's paid for! Rob however is not so impressed with the horsepower that his 2001 GT offers in comparison with some of the newer generation Mustangs. This is when he decided to call

Rob's preference was to remain naturally aspirated (no turbo or supercharger). The solution was a Trick Flow Specialties Top-End Kit complete with a Trick Flow Specialties intake manifold. The kit includes high-flow cylinder heads, performance camshafts, and all necessary hardware for installation.

The TFS kit produced approximately 400 HP (345 rwhp after a custom tune on's chassis dyno). That's 50% more HP per cubic inch than his original stock configuration making Rob's Mustang again worthy of the title "GT".