V6-Cobra Conversion Completed!

February 10, 2011

Warren, the proud owner of a 2002 Mustang V6, is no stranger to His tastefully crafted Mustang boasts an abundance of modifications that would capture the attention of any gear-head. A quick walk around a car reveals a custom side exit exhaust, race accents, an upgraded interior, including Corbeau LG1 seats, Fikse three-piece wheels, and a big-brake kit. More than looks, Warren's 3.8L V6 also produced a respectable 335 hp with the help of a Procharger system.

Warren, however, aspired to more than a respectable power level and that's when he engaged for help.

The solution began with a complete powertrain and drivetrain retrieved from a salvaged 2004 SVT Cobra. A cold air intake, upper supercharger pulley, lower crank pulley, Kooks custom headers, supercharger porting (performed in-house by, and a custom dyno tune were responsible for delivering an additional 150 hp to Warren's already stout Cobra powertrain.

The final results on the dyno were 526 RWHP and 555 RWTQ. Warren was overwhelmed with the results to a degree which inhibited speech. However, he was still able to type these kind words in lieu:

"I couldn't be happier with these new power levels... At long last I can say that this car is a true contender, not a mere pretender. The gang at Steeda helped me to achieve something I'd only dreamt about. Bring it, Camar-slows!!!"


"Big Poppa"