2012 - 2018 Ford 2.0L and 2.3L Ecoboost Pro Series Extreme Ignition Coil Packs

By: Granatelli Motor Sports


  • Now available from Granatelli Motor Sports are the 2012-2018 Ford 2.0L and 2.3L EcoBoost Pro Series Extreme Coils. They increase power to the spark over 200% over stock and are designed to be a direct OEM replacement. They even exceed the OEM specifications; they are OBD-II computer safe, and feature silicone magnetic steel core technology. By optimizing winding process and material diameters, Granatelli Motor Sports was able to double the factory coil output. Brass secondary contacts assure the maximum output from the coil reaches the plug every time. Another great feature, the bodies, brackets and towers are all integrally molded into one unit with brass inserts to relieve compression pressure caused when tighten down the coils. 

    • Direct OEM replacement, exceeds OEM specifications, OBD-II computer safe 
    • Increases energy to the spark plug exponentially over stock 
    • Adds up to 10HP N/A
    • No resistance, no RFI / EMI interference 
    • Works with all fuel injection systems, street cars and race cars 
    • Solid stainless connector spring ensures good connection between coil and plug 
    • 85,000 volt coils provide double the voltage over factory coils 
    • Improves mileage and throttle response 
    • Sold individually or as complete sets for cars and trucks
    • Focus 2012-2016

    • Focus 2012-2016 2.0L I4 TI-VCT

    • Focus 2012-2016 All

    • Focus 2012-2016 ST Ecoboost

    • Focus 2012-2016 ST Focus 2016-2017 RS

    • Focus 2013-2016 RS

    • Focus 2013-2016 ST

    • Focus 2013-2018 ST

    • Focus 2016 RS

    • Focus 2016-2017 RS

    • Focus 2016-2017 ST Focus 2016-2017 RS

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