Adjustable Heavy Duty S550 Engine Mounts

By: Steeda


    • Allows for a 3/4
    • Adjustable in 1/4
    • High quality billet construction
    • Made in the USA by Steeda
    • Time Required: 3 hours (approximately)

    • Mustang 2015-2017 GT

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Steeda Adjustable Motor Mounts for 2015-2016 S550 Mustang GT directly replace the weak factory hydra bushing engine mounts. While the factory mounts get the damping job done, they can be prone to fatigue and sagging even with only limited hard use.

In addition to being much more durable than the factory engine mounts, these Steeda Adjustable Motor Mounts for 2015 S550 Mustang GT are adjustable from factory height up to 3/4 of an inch lower to create clearance for superchargers and strut tower braces.

Steeda Adjustable Motor Mounts for 2015-2016 S550 Mustang GT also feature dual durometer bushing packages. Choose the softer red bushings for great control with only minimal increase in engine vibration transmission. Choose the hard black bushings for maximum control, but will increase engine vibration transmission significantly.

Black bushings package is highly recommended for competition use only.


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