Anderson Power Pipe®. Fits 86-93 Mustang 5.0L with Vortech S,T,YSI Trims, Paxton Novi 2000, Powerdyne Superchargers

By: Anderson Ford Motorsports


  • Vortech,S,T,YSI Trims, Paxton Novi 2000, Powerdyne Superchargers on 86-93 Mustang 5.0 

    (Please Specify Supercharger Model When Ordering)

    The Anderson Power Pipe®, with its all Aluminum mandrel bent construction, is the highest flowing inlet pipe available for centrifugal superchargers. We also put the mass air in the inner fenderwell for a cooler intake charge.

    Flows 1235 cfm at 20,4" of water. Tested on our Super Flow 1200 flow bench

    Anderson POWER PIPES® were developed because of the need for a supercharger intake pipe that would flow at a higher rate of CFM, with a larger volume of air, brought on by the demand that Vortech, Procharger and Paxton have when making 10 lb of boost or more. 

    Performance improvements with this innovative design have been fantastic! Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords tested in their November '97 issue on two different cars. The first (minor modifications) went from 10 lb of boost to 14 lb of boost and dropped 2 tenths and gained 4 mph at the strip. The second (major modifications) went from 16 lb of boost to 19 lb of boost, gained 38 hp at the rear wheels, and dropped 23 hundredths and gained 1.5 mph at the strip.

    All Supercharger Power Pipes® flow 1200 cfm +
    as tested on our Superflow 1200 Flow Bench.

    • Time Required: 1 hour (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Beginner - No mechanical experience is required to perform this installation.

    • Mustang 1979-1993 GT

    • Mustang 1979-1993 LX

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