Bilstein B6 Rear shock (Explorer 2011-2019)

By: Bilstein


    • Better performance
    • Increased grip and traction
    • Great comfort
    • Valving that adapts to road surfaces
    • Longer service life
    • Fine-tuned by professionals
    • Time Required: 1 hour (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Intermediate - You should have "above average" mechanical knowledge/experience to attempt this installation.

    • Explorer 2011-2019

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Upgrading to the Bilstein B6 rear shock lets you get better handling and comfort from your 2011-2019 Explorer. The shocks are a great replacement and upgrade for the factory suspension that may be worn from rough roads or years of use.

Great strength and reliability. B6 rear shocks are designed to deliver great reliability and extended service life. High gas pressure ensures that the shock will last even when pulling trailers or taking your SUV off-road.

Tuned performance. Professionals at Bilstein test drive vehicles equipped with their suspension and fine-tune both the performance and comfort. The result of this tuning is a noticeable upgrade in ride quality and stability both on-road and off-road.

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