Brake Rotor (Right Front)

By: Powerslot


    • Premium Quality
    • Vac-U-Slot Helps Push Water Off The Braking Surface
    • black E-coat on the hat
    • Time Required: 1 hour (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Expert - It's not recommended that you attempt this installation unless you're an experienced Technician.

    • Mustang 1999-2001 Cobra

    • Mustang 2003-2004 Cobra

    • Mustang 2003-2004 Mach 1

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Excessive heat can cause resins in your brake pad to vaporize or outgas. As the brake pad wears, the used friction material turns into a fine dust. This boundary layer of heat, gas and dust builds up between the pad and rotor surfaces and inhibits performance.

Powerslot rotors are finished in a durable black E-coat on the hat, edges and internal vanes to prevent corrosion. The braking surfaces are left in a bare iron finish to improve brake pad bed-in.

A combination of stoptech high performance or posiquiet brake pads and power slot slotted rotors will deliver superior, reliable braking for virtually all automotive, truck and SUV applications, even under hard driving and severe duty conditions. For our most demanding customers such as police pursuit vehicles and club racers, we also suggest Powerslot Cryo rotors.


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