Clutch Kit (10.5

By: Ford Racing


    • clutch kits with pressure plate and Clutch disc
    • Throw out bearing included
    • Time Required: 5 hours (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Expert - It's not recommended that you attempt this installation unless you're an experienced Technician.

    • Mustang 1979-1993 GT

    • Mustang 1979-1993 LX

    • Mustang 1994-1995 GT

    • Mustang 1996-1998 GT

    • Mustang 1999-2004 GT

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These are the most reliable high-performance clutches we've ever tested. Complete clutch kits with pressure plate, clutch disc, and throw-out bearing are available in heavy-duty or "King Cobra" designs. King Cobra pressure plate and clutch kits have the same clamping force as heavy-duty clutch kits but feature revised internal geometry for 10% lighter pedal effort.

Either kit is strongly recommended for cars up to 450 HP, and even stock Mustangs if slicks are being used. Mustangs using slicks with more than 375 HP, or any 'Stang running with more than 450 HP should use the Dual Friction clutch disc with either the heavy-duty or King Cobra pressure plate for quicker clutch engagement and less slippage.


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