Greenstuff 6000 Truck/SUV Brake Pad Set



      • Sport Replacement Pad For Truck/SUV
      • Improves stopping power
      • Lower dust
      • Time Required: 1 hour (approximately)

      • Skill Level: Intermediate - You should have "above average" mechanical knowledge/experience to attempt this installation.

      • Superduty 6.0L Diesel

      • Superduty 6.4L Diesel

      • Superduty 6.7L Diesel

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    Since EBC Brakes launched its sport range in 1997 EBC Greenstuff has sold well over 3 million sets of performance automotive brakes all over the world and has become the number one selling EBC sport pad. It is essential to note that EBC offer three ranges of Greenstuff pads, engineered for each application. Greenstuff 6000 series for entry level truck and SUV upgrade

    Greenstuff 6000 is not a hard and long lasting pad and drivers may find Greenstuff last less miles on light Trucks and SUV than stock units which in our opinion are designed primarily to pass the warranty period, but 6000 are a good quality pad replacement with medium dusting and good brake effect. Greenstuff 7000 series are a slightly harder pad than its 6000 series stable mate and designed to reduce dust and last slightly longer than the 6000 series. Again, a great pad and a quality pad replacement for Truck and SUV(4 x 4).


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