High Lift Hot Rod Cam Set

By: Ford Racing


    • No need to upgrade valve springs
    • Gives your mustang that old school idle
    • Great HP gains
    • Time Required: 6 hours (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Expert - It's not recommended that you attempt this installation unless you're an experienced Technician.

    • Tune Required - A custom tune file is required for use with this product.

    PDF   Download Installation Guide

    • Mustang 2005-2009 GT

    • Mustang 2010 GT

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Give any 3-valve 4.6l or 5.4L a lopey idle reminiscent of 1960's muscle cars, no one will believe it's a modular engine. The most powerful cams available that are safe with production valvetrain.

Currently being used in Rough Rider off-road race trucks Engineered by the same designers of the stock camshafts No other cam manufacture has the aggressive sound and durability these cams offer.

Upgrade for the 2005-09 Mustang GT 4.6L 3V engine .

Increases lift from the stock 11mm to 12mm Duration at .050", intake 221 degrees, exhaust 240 degrees, lobe separation 110 degrees.

Compatible with production springs, followers and lash adjusters up to 6800rpm 50hp gain(SAE-J1349)with the stock intake and M-6049-463P CNC heads at 6500 rpm.

30hp gain without CNC heads. (with long tube headers and M-9603-GTB cold air kit)

Requires custom calibration to achieve optimized performance Featured in M-6007-A463NA crate engine.


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