Intercooled Supercharger Kit (6-14PSI Black Finish 2.1L)

By: Kenne Bell


    • Billet bypass valve
    • Best Engineered Kit
    • Fat flat torque curve
    • 6-14 psi boost range
    • Time Required: 20 hours (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Expert - It's not recommended that you attempt this installation unless you're an experienced Technician.

    • Tune Required - A custom tune file is required for use with this product.

    • Mustang 1999-2004 GT


Please contact us to obtain shipping price and place order.


Kenne Bell factory tuned with OEM grade equipment. No expensive custom tuning by others is required or recommended. Dual SWITCH CHIP® "POWER" (street) & "SHOOT OUT" (competition) Optional $99.

In 1991, Kenne Bell, was first to pioneer the Twin Screw concept on Fords. Those features originally promoted in 1991, 1. quiet operation 2. self contained oil system 3. full instant no lag boost (HP and torque) at any rpm 4. lower parasitic loss and 5. cooler air charge temperature are now the talk of supercharging. History has proven us right. Look at all the mfgs. who have switched to or adopted these features.

Further proof of the Twin Screw's efficiency superiority are the hundreds of Eaton/Roots supercharged Ford Lightning, Cobra and Shelby GT500 owners that have upgraded to the Kenne Bell. All have experienced big power gains at any engine rpm or vehicle speed. Ask any of these owners if they think Kenne Bell superchargers only make great power and torque in the low and mid range.

Given that history of success, it was just a matter of time before we introduced the ultimate intercooled and non intercooled kits for the '96 up 4.6 Mustang GT. And it's calibrated in house by Kenne Bell programmers. As with all our kits, we've thoroughly dyno tested it at varying boost levels and with other Kenne Bell product options. All major kit components are pre-assembled, sealed and tested. It's ready to bolt on. Only the best and most efficient components are used - bar and plate intercooler, Dual heat exchanger, billet Kenne Bell Twin Screw supercharger, billet bypass valve etc.

Performance? This supercharger makes maximum power and torque because of it's 90% efficiency and lower parasitic loss - at any rpm. At either 9 or 14 psi it produces more power than an '03 Cobra. It's what you'd expect from Kenne Bell - an abundance of smooth, quiet, brutal power in any gear at any rpm from 1500 to redline.



*** Not for mail order, kit must be installed @'s Shop for order eligibility.

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