Livewires ('Screamin Demon' Coil Blue)

By: Performance Distributors


      • Time Required: 1 hour (approximately)

      • Skill Level: Beginner - No mechanical experience is required to perform this installation.

      • Focus 2000-2004 SVT

      • Focus 2000-2004 Zetec

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    The Focus Screamin Demon Coil Pack allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to a whopping .065''! This larger plug gap exposes more spark in the combustion chamber for a more complete burn of the fuel mixture which increases horsepower, gas mileage and keeps spark plugs cleaner.

    The Screamin' Demon Coil features brass terminals, which are more conductive and resists corrosion longer than the aluminum terminals on the stock coil. The Screamin Demon Coil is too hot for stock plug wires so a high quality wire such as our LiveWires must be used with it.

    The Screamin' Demon coil mounts in the original factory location with no modifications. The LiveWires for the Focus Zetec are a high quality, low resistance spark plug wire built with a protective heat sleeve. The glass braided sleeving is designed to protect the wires up to 1400 degrees F. This promotes longer wire life due to the heat protection!

    The spiral wound core will prevent electronic interference with the radio. The LiveWires are precut and numbered at each end for the correct cylinder allowing for easy installation.

    The LiveWires measure 10mm in diameter for great performance and an awesome look.


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