Mishimoto Silicone Induction Hose

By: Mishimoto


    • Direct fit for 2015+ Ford Mustang GT
    • Installs with no tuning necessary
    • Up to 15HP / 15TQ gains over the stock rubber induction hose
    • Fits with the stock air intake system
    • Innovative design increases internal volume by 5.3%
    • Deletes the stock sound symposer port
    • 5-Ply Silicone construction for added durability and long service life
    • Silicone hose reinforced with steel rings to prevent collapse
    • CNC emissions ports provide a quick and easy installation
    • Installs in under 30 minutes
    • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
    • Time Required: 1 hour (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Beginner - No mechanical experience is required to perform this installation.

    • Mustang 2015-2017 GT

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It’s full steam ahead as we continue our awesome streak of products for Ford’s 2015+ Mustang GT. What we have here is the all-new Mishimoto Performance Silicone Induction Hose to help your 5.0L Coyote breathe easier. This steel-wire reinforced, five-layer silicone hose is more resistant to heat and will not misshape under vacuum like the stock piece. We have designed this product to be an easy bolt-on part that will instantly give you improved performance. 

With an impressive 15hp gain over stock, you will certainly notice a peppier V8. Our hose also boasts a 5% increase in volumetric area, upping the amount of air brought into the engine. The smoother interior of the hose is an upgrade over the multiple bends and creases in the stock hose. With a cleaner, smoother stream of air, and improvement in overall airflow consistency, there's increased potential for great power gains when paired with other power producing products. 

This hose is perfect if you want to change up the appearance of your engine bay and increase performance without replacing your entire intake system. It also comes with the sound tube port completely removed, making for an even cleaner look! It is available in either black, red or blue and, like all of our products, comes with the Lifetime Mishimoto Warranty. Happy modding!

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