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    Our steel flange allows the 05+ sensor to be installed directly into a tube. The flange can be attached to a tube by welding, #6 sheet metal screws, or rivets.

    If you are welding the flange on it will fit any size tube from 2.5" to 5", welding will fill the gaps.

    If you are not welding the flange on we make it to fit the radius of a 3" or 4" tube, select tube size when ordering. If you are ordering more than one flange you may enter the sizes you would like in the Notes field.

    In 2005 Ford Introduced a new style of mass-air sensor. It is commonly referred to "slot" or "card" style. This sensor has no housing, the stock air box has a receptacle for the sensor. We have found that the new sensor works very well in blow-through applications. Blow-through means that the mass air sensor is placed after the compressor (). The slot style MAF provides a very clean and consistent signal when used in blow-through. The slot style MAF can be placed in any size tube, from 3" to 4.5".

    We do not recommend going smaller than 2.75". In blow-through applications a 3" tube will result in the best signal, 3.5" tube will result in a marginal signal, and 4" will result in a very poor signal when used in blow-through. The car will need to be properly tuned for the new MAF sensor housing size. When it comes to driveability and throttle response, blow through with an 05+ MAF is the best way to go. Having the MAF sensor far away from the engine makes the car harder to tune and hinders throttle response. In the past tuners used to recommend suck-through, but this has since changed with the introduction of the 05+ MAF.

    With blow-through the by-pass valve can now be vented to atmosphere, this will reduced air temps, because the air is no longer being re-circulated and re-heated.


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