Steeda Focus ST Stage 1 Handling Package (14-16 ST)

By: Steeda


    • Improved overall handling
    • Reduced wheel hop Reduced body roll
    • Reduced understeer
    • Improved vehicle stance
    • Reduced brake dive
    • Time Required: 7 hours (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Intermediate - You should have "above average" mechanical knowledge/experience to attempt this installation.

    • Focus 2012-2016

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Power means nothing without control. Steeda is here to put the control into your turbo spooling Ford Focus ST. When upgrading your suspension set up, springs and sway bars make a huge difference. This Steeda Focus ST Stage 1 Handling Package is sure to please any Focus ST performance enthusiast.

This Steeda Focus ST Stage 1 Handling Package will dramatically help with handling problems apparent in your Focus ST from the factory. The package includes our Steeda Focus ST Front and Rear Sway Bar Package and our Steeda Focus ST Lowering Springs.

Our Steeda Front and Rear Sway Bars come powder coated in silver and are made from chrome molly steel, which insures we have the perfect ratio of diameter and strength to dial in the precise roll stiffness for your ST. Both bars are 25.4m in diameter compared to the stock 22mm bar.

The Steeda Front Sway Bar was designed to increase roll stiffness in the front by 25% while the Steeda Rear Sway Bar was designed to increase roll stiffness in the rear by 70%. Having a stiffer sway bar in the rear of you ST will help with reducing understeer notorious with FWD cars. The overall combination of these two sway bars will drastically reduce body roll when cornrering, and improve the overall handling of your Focus ST.

Our Steeda Focus ST Lowering Springs are CNC wound with high tensile strength chrome-silicon spring wire. They are heat treated, shot peened, re-heat treated, and powder-coated Steeda Blue to ensure the spring does not sag overtime and is corrosion resistant.

These Steeda Lowering Springs for your Focus ST will drop your Focus 1" in the front and 1.4" in the rear. The front to rear balance was dialed in to help correct the understeer problems apparent in FWD cars but specifically Ford's Focus ST. With a lower center of gravity you will notice overall improved vehicle handling. These springs will reduce body roll, improve traction, reduce understeer, and reduce brake dive.

In conjunction with our Steeda Front and Rear Sway Bar Package your Focus ST will be a completely different beast. To really dial in and tune your sway bars to your liking Steeda recommends the addition of our Steeda Front and Rear Adjustable Endlink Package. These on-car adjustable endlinks allow you to change the sway bar geometry to however you feel fit.

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