Steeda Mustang Differential Mount Replacement Bushings (2015-2022)

By: Steeda


    • Replacement and upgrade
    • Better traction
    • Reduced wheel hop
    • Improved times at the track
    • Greater control
    • Avoid sub-frame replacement
    • Time Required: 3 hours (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Intermediate - You should have "above average" mechanical knowledge/experience to attempt this installation.

    • Mustang 2015-2022

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Steeda differential mount replacement bushings are a great way to improve the handling of your Mustang and put power to the ground. These are a replacement and upgrade to the soft factory bushings that will deflect and cause wheel hop.

Reign in your Mustang. Wheel hop and bushing deflection can make your Mustang difficult to launch or control. These bushings are made from polyurethane and will let you put the power down, brake, and take sharp corners without wheel hop.

Labor and cash savings: As the IRS Mustangs get used and abused on the street and track, the OE rubber bushings are prone to failure. Up until now, your only repair option was to source a new or used rear sub-frame with the same non-serviceable failure prone rubber bushings. Steeda's more durable polyurethane bushings retain your shell and replace the bushing and sleeve. New hardware is included in the event your old bolts are bent or busted.

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