Steeda Mustang GT350/Mach 1 IRS Subframe Bushing Support System (2016-2021)

By: Steeda


    • Increases traction
    • No increase in NVH
    • Better handling
    • Enhanced road-feel
    • Easy to install
    • No permanent modifications
    • Made from billet aluminum
    • CNC machined
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Same patented design as the 10-piece kit
    • Time Required: 2 hours (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Intermediate - You should have "above average" mechanical knowledge/experience to attempt this installation.

    • Mustang 2016-2021 GT350

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Maintain control of your GT350 or Mach 1 and prevent it from losing traction due to wheel hop with this IRS bushing support system from Steeda. This is one of the first and most simple steps that should be taken to eliminate wheel hop. It is recommended that you also install the Steeda subframe alignment kit at this time because you will already be working in that area. 

Eliminate subframe movement. The Steeda IRS subframe bushing support system eliminates the rear subframe movement that is notorious in the S550 Mustang platform. Stiffening the subframe and preventing movement is the way to reduce and eliminate the troublesome wheel hop that plagues the Mustang when launching or taking tight corners. 

Enhanced road-feel. Installing the Steeda bushing support kit gives the driver a better feel for the road, letting the driver feel connected to the car. This makes spirited and track driving more enjoyable and more responsive. 

No Increase in NVH. Drive comfortably on the street with the Steeda bushing support kit. The bushing supports add no NVH to your Mustang so that your highway cruising and in-town commute are as comfortable as they were on your stock Mustang. 

Quality construction. CNC machined in Steeda's Valdosta, GA facility from T6061 aircraft grade billet aluminum for the highest quality construction. 

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