Adjustable Rear Swaybar

By: Steeda


    • 3 Position adjustablity
    • Competition level proven handling performance
    • Improves steering response and eliminates understeer
    • Time Required: 1 hour (approximately)

    • Skill Level: Intermediate - You should have "above average" mechanical knowledge/experience to attempt this installation.

    • Mustang 2005-2009 GT

    • Mustang 2005-2009 V6

    • Mustang 2007-2009 Shelby GT500

    • Mustang 2010 GT

    • Mustang 2010 V6

    • Mustang 2010-2012 GT500

    • Mustang 2011-2014 GT

    • Mustang 2011-2014 V6

    • Mustang 2012-2014 Boss 302

    • Mustang 2013-2014 GT500

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Looking to build the ultimate handling Mustang? Steeda's adjustable rear swaybar should be part of your handling package! Our adjustable rear swaybar is the ultimate upgrade for your 2005-2012 Mustang. It offers 3 positions of adjustment for fine tuning of handling balance. Starting with the softest position each adjustment position changes stiffness by 8% for a total fine tuning range of 16%.

Compared to the 2011 Mustang 7/8" swaybar our adjustable bar is 142% stiffer at the softest setting, 150% in the middle setting, and 158% at the stiffest setting. For vehicles equipped with a 1" rear bar our adjustable bar will provide an increases in stiffness of 67%, 75% and 83%. Our adjustable rear swaybar can be used with the stock front swaybar or is a great complement to our adjustable front swaybar for the ultimate in performance and tuneability.

Note: Does not fit convertible.


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